athletics Oscar Pistorius: A fake facebook page to divert money!

category_image_update_imgScammers really fear nothing !

Oscar Pistorius, the South African Para champion who is currently on trial for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp on the evening of Valentine’s Day, was victim of a gang of thugs who created a fake Facebook page and on which a call for contribution to help him financially was online!

His family requested its deletion for several days! “The page is managed by an impostor claiming to be “TeamOscar”. We approached Facebook without success.”

A credible approach: Oscar Pistorius has big money problems. He had to sell his house in Pretoria where the murder took place, estimated at 5 million rands ( 330,000 Euros) to pay his lawyers.
Oscar Pistorius’ trial will be extended until May 16, said Sunday the court of Pretoria. –

We learned this week that he used to terrify his fiancée. The messages of the victim spoke at the hearings: “Since you returned from Cape Town, you constantly attacked me and I understand you’re sick, but this is bad. (…) I flirted with anyone today. It makes me sick that you have suggested it and that you have made a scene at the table which made us leave early.”

Sometimes I am afraid of you, how you speak and how you react. (…) You make me happy 90 % of the time and together we are great but I ‘m not another one of those sluts’ poopers. (…) Why continue? I get mugged and you complain that you do not like my voice and accent.”

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