Asia World Cup 2014: Iranian players not to exchange their jerseys! They’ll be reusing them!

RanranThese are strange conditions for a team qualified for a World Cup. It is about the Iranian selection.

Indeed, for economic reasons, it was forbidden to players to exchange jerseys. The objective is to play with one set of jerseys several times.

But it is not finished. Players come to see that their equipment shrink in the wash. “they give us socks size L, two days after washing they get size S” says disgusted, striker Karim Ansarifard.

Carlos Queiroz, coach of the selection, the culprit is indeed the German supplier Uhlsport, which supplies the Iranian selection.

The equipment provided was not suitable for playing in extreme humidity conditions. This could get us out of the World Cup,” suggested the Portuguese coach.

From memory, it is a quite long time since a selection has evolved in such conditions in the World Cup.


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