Europe Turkey: Drogba donates a million Euros to victims of the collapse of a mine

Galatasaray-Kayseri ErciyessporThe information has not certainly escaped you. The collapse of a mine at Soma in Turkey made 300 victims last week. The whole country is in shock.

And here is information that should give a hint of smile. Didier Drogba, player of the Turkish club Galatasaray has donated a million to the families of victims. An operation that the Ivorian performs through his Foundation. Moreover, he would not make a fuss.

“I am an ambassador of good will of the UN. And I will do whatever is in my power to help the people of Soma “, he said.
“But I do not want anyone to use my name. I do not want a promotion of me,” he added.

For the last game of the season, Galatasaray paid tribute to victims of Soma. The team appeared on the lawn with helmets of minors.


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