Uncertain during the preparation, Cristiano Ronaldo announced that he will be in great shape to face Germany on Monday for a meeting that promises to be thrilling. Hit in the knee and thigh, the Real Madrid striker says he is ready to clash with the Mannschaft, a team he has never beaten in three confrontations.

3-1 at the 2006 World Cup (3rd place game), 3-2 in Euro 2008 (quarter-final), 1-0 in Euro 2012 (1st round) … This time it’s your turn. This time, it’s me who will beat you” says Khedira who reveals in Bild a conversation with Ronaldo.

As usual, the Ballon d’Or in 2013 dispalyed his sufficiency at a press conference. “I do not think I have anything to show to someone, look at my stats and my CV, I have nothing to prove. Until now my career is amazing and I hope it will continue.”

However, he does not lose sight of the collectiveness: “I think a player does not make a team. I’m here to help the team. I’m a player to help and I can make a difference, but I cannot carry the team on my back. I want to be champion, but take the steps one after the other. We are not among the favorites, but we are one of the best teams. The idea of winning a tournament pushes me to do my best. I like challenges.”


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