Would Paulo Bento, coach of Portugal,  be a bad loser?
After the beating taken by his team against Germany 4-0, review the goals, the coach accuses arbitration! But he still wants to believe in his team’s chances…

“The exclusion of Pepe? In the first half, with a few errors on by us, there were errors from the referee who penalized us: the expulsion was exaggerated, and the penalty was excessive and imposed, two moments that led to the situation we saw at the end of the first half time. I do not say that it was only the fault of the referee, we made mistakes, not only in defense but also on lack of efficiency in the first period in front of occasions. In the second half, the players have made efforts in difficult conditions (they played shorthanded) and I applaud these efforts. We must recover physically and psychologically. We are in a bad time, we will not hide it, and it will be a lot of pressure for the next game, but this is not the first time we have so much pressure.”

“The story was already over after the first 45 minutes, the second period had no interest. Yet in the first half there was no such superiority of opponents, but on occasions they have been more effective, we made some mistakes and did not delivered the expected performance. We have a suspended player and many injured, we will have several changes to make, but reshaping the whole team would the biggest mistake.

Cristiano Ronaldo? From a physical point of view, I was told he is doing well.”

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