Spain, humiliated in the first day of this world Cup, just play its decisive game in this competition tonight against Chile. After their 5-1 defeat against the Netherlands, the Spaniards will have to react quickly.

La Roja no longer has the choice to hope to defend its title in Brazil. Spain cannot even afford a draw today because it will not have its destiny in the hands.
Tonight, King Spain may die, but he wants to relive or survive.

Fernando Torres has summed this strong mindset: “I do not know if we will find our level of 2010 or 2008 against Chile, but even if we do not find it, we must win.”
“I hope we can win by finding our football. But if this is not the case, we will win some other way. This is the first of many finals ahead. We expect a very intense match, where there will be a lot of risk taking. We’ll have to show we are patient as a game can be won from the first minute as well as the last minute. Above all, we will have to read the game, unlike the other day.”

Chile plays big. A defeat against Spain and qualification will be played against the Netherlands, who need to ensure first place in the group to avoid Brazil in the second round.

For his part, Spain must react against Chile on Wednesday to avoid a pitiful elimination ahead of the knockout stage of the World Cup.

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