Côte d’Ivoire went next to their World Cup. Yaya Touré and his teammates were eliminated in the first round of the competition in a fairly open group.

After his successful season at Manchester City, the midfielder of Elephants experienced hard times before, during and after the World Cup. The former FC Barcelona suffered the blow: “I went through this World Cup as a ghost,” admits Manchester Evening News. “I’ve never been 100%. I gave everything I could, but sometimes it was not enough, I suffered in silence, I kept it to myself.”

Yaya Touré says he is exhausted. “I confess that I am completely drained, exhausted both in my body and in my head. All these emotions one after the other have completely exhausted me. I have no more energy.”

The midfielder of Manchester City has until the end of the month to rest before resuming with the Citizens. “I’ll keep myself away for a while.”

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