Africa Anges FC resists Semassi, Togo Port new dolphin


The national championship of Togo first division welcomes a new dolphin. AS Togo Port pursues its beautiful mileage in this first division and occupies the 2nd place of the classification. It has the same mark as the leader Anges FC (24). It is thanks to its success 1-0 versus Gbikinti during the 14th day competed on Sunday.

At the same time, Anges FC played against its ex dolphin Semassi in Sokodé with a score 0-0, refraining the second backhand of rank since the resumption. In other meetings, second victory in a row since the resumption of Agaza who took the victory over ASKO (1-0). Gomido succeeded in dominating AS Douanes 2-1, still pushing down the paramilitary club.


Gomido  2             AS Douanes 1
Semassi  0             Anges Fc      0
Agaza    1              ASKO           0
Maranatha 1          Dyto             0
Togo Port  1          Gbikinti        0
Foadan       1           Unisport     0


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