Europe Atlético Madrid: Colossal money required from Wolfsburg for Guilavogui

Josuha Guilavogui made a monumental flop in Atlético Madrid, he was sold 10 million euro and joined this club in 2013. In spite of a mixture season, the French player could soon make a big blow with a German club.

Diego Simeone, the coach of Atlético Madrid, did not like at all what he saw from long ligne midfielder, Joshua Guilavogui, during the first trainings. And he did never trust the international German as the other players,and he was put in stand -by during the first part of season.

Lent then to Greens, the international Guilavogui straightened a little his performance, but the coach did not count on him as he did with the other Matelassiers. So, his departure is imminent and he will be going to Wolfsburg. As Atlético Madrid could only profit from this change, 15 ME sum  was required, 5 ME for a player who proved nothing at the champion’s of Spain. The explanation of this transfer could be given somewhere else, because the club of Madrid would hope to make its effort to get back the international Brazilian of VfL, Luiz Gustavo from its rival Real, , asserts the daily paper AS.

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