Basket-ball NBA: Steve Ballmer celebrates Clippers new ownership with fans -Video

Henceforward owner of the NBA LA Clippers, it is naturally in a clapping and shouting atmosphere at the Staples Center that Steve Ballmer introduced himself to 4,500 fans of his new franchise.

With a record $2 billion purchase, the ownership of the franchise of Doc Rivers of the ex-Microsoft CEO has been confirmed by a judge last week.

One of the most remarkable facts of this glorious celebrations is none but the non-mentioning of Donald Sterling, leader of the franchise during the last 33 years who suffered a life ban from NBA-related activities after being inescapably convicted of racist words.

Ballmer seems to bring a more breathable air in the franchise as he utterly focused his address on a forward look with his new collaborators.

“We’re looking forward…Everything is about looking forward,” he proclaimed to fans before showering hope upon the whole arena.“We’re going to be bold. Bold means taking chances. “We’re going to be optimistic. We’re going to be hard-core. Nothing gets in our way, boom! The hard-core Clippers, that’s us.”

Ckeck out the show!






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