Europe NBA: Steve Ballmer cheers clippers fans

On Monday Steve Ballmer put on officially his ownerhip cap of Los Angeles Clippers.

The Microsoft former manager, to whom the NBA and madam Sterling sold the Californian franchise, organized in Staples Center a small show in order to be empowered himself in an official way as the owner of Los Angeles Clippers.

Steve Ballmer took advantage of this first contact with the franchise fans to announce his first decision: Clippers will not move to Seattle. ” I like Seattle, but I am going to beat their former team ( Thunder). I like Los Angeles and yes I live in Seattle but we do not move Clippers in Seattle for many reasons “, declared Steve Ballmer who has been living in Seattle for 34 years.

The second measure taken by the new owner is that the name of the team will not be changed. He promised also to the fan that the franchise will experience a new dimension with titles which at the moment it did not ever win since its existence.

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