Basket-ball Cameroon – Basketball : before Pascal Siakam played, some conditions should be fulfilled


Current NBA champion Pascal Siakam continues declaring his love towards his country, Cameroon, while regular season of the championship is suspended due to coronavirus pandemic .

We all remember the joy of Spicy bP after raptors won the trophy NBA title last season . The 2019 NBA MIP jubilated with the flag os his dearest Cameroon, something he wanted, not a recommandation from any other person .

“When I took the Cameroon flag after winning the NBA, no one asked me to do that. I am Cameroonian, and I am proud of it. If I could one day wear the colors of Cameroon, and represent Cameroon in basketball, that would make me very happy “said the Douala native on instagram in a live with fotballer Alex Song.

It is after that declaration that the 2015 western athletic conference freshman posed conditions which should be fulfilled before he can play for Cameroon .

“My employer is Toronto. I owe them everything I have today. Before I can have the opportunity to play for Cameroon, the conditions must be solid. If I do not have the assurance that I will come somewhere where it will be well organized, and that things will go well, I do not think I will have the opportunity to do so. I really want to do it” he said .

Born in 1994, Siakam is one of the pilars of Toronto even if the Raptors are making a season less brilliant than they did last year .

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