Countries FIFA : a game will soon be played against coronavirus


FIFA announced the organisation of a game in battle against coronavirus ; once the situationn will calm down .

“We already sensitize the public through several campaigns. In parallel , FIFA brought a financial contribution to that issue. Today, we engage ourselves in organising a worldwide event to raise funds as soon as the sanitary crisis will allow it, even if we migth wait some months more” said Gianni Infantino, president of the instance.

Funds deriving from this game will be transferred to the Access to Covid-19 Tools (ACT), a worldwide initiative which aims is to accelerate the developement , production and an international equal access to sanitary technologies in order to face the coronavius (diagnostic, treatment, vaccine).

Sport and football in particular have been touched by the coronavirus pandemic since it arrival and most of the competitions all over the world are stopped two months ago.


Aimé ATTI is a bilingual journalist who breathes football and shares his passion on Africa Top Sports

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