Africa Cyril Domoraud : « Better to stop the championship »

That position will power the debates in Côte d’Ivoire. Cyril Domoraud, Chairman of the AFI (Ivorian Football Association) believes that the season should stop.
“I think it’s better to put an end to the championship. Our players have already had two months of inactivity. The body needs to re-athlete itself and the time it will take, just to finish 6 games, it will be much”, explains Domoraud to Annie Gasnier of Radio Foot International.

“We are at risk of getting quite a lot of injuries. And with Coronavirus precautions, a restart will require a significant organization supplies”, he added.

The former international thinks it would make sense to award the title to the Abidjan Racing Club. The club leads the Lonaci Ligue 1 before its suspension.

Moreover, Domoraud also looked at the difficulties caused by the coronavirus crisis. The association he heads benefited last week from a donation of 10 million CFA from the candidate for the FIF, Idriss Diallo.

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