Africa Ghana: The federation already thinking about after Coronavirus

How to solve the Coronavirus problem? The Ghanaian Football Federation (GFA) already has an idea. The institution projects itself on the after Coronavirus and makes a fabulous request to the state to raise up the beautiful in the country.

For the development and a new image of local football, the Federation, led by Kurt Okraku, wants a subsidy of 12 million dollars from the state. They made this proposal to the Ministry of Youth and Sports. This is the information reported by the Ghanaian site Ghanaweb.

This amount of money can contribute a lot to local football. No more sponsors in the championship, stopping national competitions due to the spread of Coronavirus. So the chairman Kurt Okraku needs that money to relaunch this sport.

The Ghanaian Football Federation still has good plans for local football, provided that a favourable action comes from the state.

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