Africa Soccer Egypt : cases of coronavirus at the seat of CAF ?


The CAF (African Football Confederation) had initially announced a reopening of its premises for June 21. But a reversal of the situation.

According to our football colleagues, Ahmad, the president of the institution decided to postpone this return to work. According to reports, “several people from the cleaning company and support staff grabbed the Covid-19”.

Suddenly, the reopening should only be done in two weeks. Meanwhile, Ahmad is still at home in Madagascar, as since the start of the pandemic. And the services of the instance operate on telework. Since the start of the health crisis, CAF has had to suspend numerous competitors, including the interclub. The final phase of CHAN also experienced a delay.

Meanwhile, on Monday, the Egyptian parliament ratified the organization’s headquarters agreement. An agreement signed since last February which covers the next 10 years.


Aimé ATTI is a bilingual journalist who breathes football and shares his passion on Africa Top Sports

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