Basket-ball NBA : Abdel Nader anxious to join Egyptian national team

Abdel Nader

On Monday night , Oklahoma City’s small forward Abdel Nader gave an interview to KingFut during which he unveils his wishes of joining the Egyptian Basketball team .

Born in Alexandria , Nader and his parents joined America since 2001 . So far he got the American nationality . But still have not played for the US team . Therefore , chances for him to play in Egypt are of a high percentage .

First, former Celtic Boston player said he is really happy of his Egyptian roots . He is extremely proud of the riches and culture of Egypt .

“I am extremely proud. I think the Egyptian culture is amazing and so rich. I am definitely proud to be an Egyptian and I am definitely proud of my people. I am also just fascinated by ancient Egypt and the pyramids” the 26-year-old told KingFut .

Abdel Nader is currently the only Egyptian player in NBA . The second in history after Alaa Abdelnaby in the 90s . His target now is to play for the Egyptian national team . An objective which makes him anxious .

“I am really anxious to join the team hopefully the summer of 2021 after a series of unfortunate events for three years that didn’t let me able to join the team. I will make sure to bring my best of abilities for the qualifying games next summer” he revealed .

In his childhood , Nader was fan of soccer . A dream he failed to achieve because of the Basket culture of America . Especially in Chicago . But he still loves soccer and watches sometimes games in such away that he has favourite players .

“As a young kid in Egypt I loved soccer, that was my favorite sport and even now I love watching Ronaldo and Mohamed Salah, those are my two favourite players...” he added .

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