Africa Adel Amrouche : “ I avoid training in Algeria and in North Africa ”

Adel Amrouche made a declaration in a talk show this Friday to the African sports press on Afrique Football Media. The Algerian technician announced that he does not see himself training in his country.

I try to avoid training in Algeria. Because I am used to living in central Africa and not in northern Africa. I do not see myself training there,” released Amrouche who passed through USM Algiers and Mouloudia.

“I already tried it at USMA where I even played. But I don’t find myself in the North African championship. It’s hard to explain. In northern Africa, it is more emotional than rational. I find myself elsewhere because of my nature as well. I love life, without taboos, without religion or tradition taking over. I don’t find myself in the North African mentality,” added the technician.

After going through Kenya and Libya, Amrouche has been coach of Botswana since August 2019. “Offers compared to other countries are enormous but I do not find myself in the north Africa. Football for me is a passion. And everywhere I go, people are more open to me,” he continued.

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