Africa Stephen Sarfo : Having sex before a match is beneficial

People differently perceive the impact of sex on professional activities. And the former Ghana Premier League scorer, Stephen Sarfo says it is never wrong regarding footballers to have sex before a match.

There is a long belief that sex before competition can have a negative impact on performance. In an interview to Wontumi TV However, the ex-Berekum Chelsea goal scorer refuted such beliefs.

“I am not a married man and I have not experienced that before, but I think it is where we are coming from (our culture) that makes some people think it wrong.

It is people’s perception that when you have sex before a match things wouldnl not go well for you as a player which is not right.

I will not encourage that, but I also do not think it is a bad practice too.
Ronaldo recommends having passive sex the night before a match to help relax.”

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