Africa Felix Nzouango Bikien : The Franco-Cameroonian near to Juventus

Juventus will soon get the young central defender of Amiens SC, Félix Nzouango Bikien, to sign a first professional contract.

Félix Nzouango Bikien might not be able to venture his seniors at Amiens. But according to La Gazzetta dello Sport the 17-year-old Franco-Cameroonian defender is in «advanced negotiations» with Juventus. A three-year contract would be waiting for the U17 Tricolor international in Piedmont. Young central defender trained at Amiens, the player has not yet played a minute within the first team. Tricolor U17 international four times, he is however already considered one of the club’s great talents. A nugget that could quickly be convinced by a transfer to one of the best European teams

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