Africa Premier League : For Mahrez, Sadio Mané is the best player of the season

7 days before the end of the Premier League, Riyadh Mahrez knows the successor of Virgil Van Dijk, best player of last season. This player is no one other than Sadio Mané who has again made great performances this year with Liverpool.

At the microphone of BT Sports, Mahrez released the name of the next player of the season in the Premier League. The Fennec made the choice of Mané. The latter once again impressed the kingdom with his talent. Without hesitation, the Fennec believes that the Senegalese will be the second African to lift this trophy after his in 2016.

«I think it would be Mané. He’s efficient. He scores goals, like Mohamed Salah. When he was in Southampton, he was good, but he was not as good as he is now. He has technically improved a lot and in front of the goal. He scores a lot of goals now because he has improved a lot. So yes, I think this year it should be him,» he said.

With Sadio Mané’s impressive stats this season in the Premier League (15 goals in 28 games), he could pretend to that individual title. There is no doubt at the level of Riyadh Mahrez.

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