Africa Yerba Mate : The beautiful discovery of Adebayor in Paraguay

Suarez, Cavani, Messi, and most recently Griezmann… All those who follow international football have probably seen South American players arriving at match holding a thermos in hands. They contain inside an infusion called Yerba Mate.

According to Pagoda Teas, Mate is an evergreen tree originating in Latin America. It grows naturally on the banks of streams and in mountainous forests.

Adebayor, new fan !

If originally the leaves of the Mate were directly chewed, they are drunk for centuries in infusion. The Mate is traditionally drunk in a calabash with a filter pipe called bombilla, which allows to drink the Mate without removing the leaves from the infusion.

According to the experts, the Mate contains xanthines. A molecule close to theine having energizing attributes that stimulate central nervous system. And thus helps to fight against fatigue. It has invigorating effect and it is good for weight loss. It is also a source of antioxidants and especially polyphenols that protect the body.

At the time of his farewell to Olimpia, Emmanuel Adebayor made a special mention to this drink. After only 4 months in Paraguay, Togolese has also become a fan. “I will certainly hold on to my Yerba Mate and think of you people. I wish you all the best and pray the club and the city continues to prosper,” he wrote.

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