Africa Algeria : 2019-2020 Season situation to be decided at the General Assembly

Suspended for several months because of the health situation, the national championships have not yet resumed. Several questions arise here and there about the pending 2019-2020 season. What will be the final decision that will be taken by the Algerian Football Federation (FAF)? The white smoke will come out at the end of the Extraordinary General Assembly.

“The General Assembly is the legal structure empowered to take a decision of that scope. The Federal Office will submit two proposals, namely, continue the 2019-2020 season or end the competitions.” Said FAF Vice President, Amar Bahloul.

The Federation has prepared for all eventualities. Should the second proposal be successful, “we will submit three hypotheses. The first consisting in declaring a white season (without declaring a champion). The second to name a champion without relegation. while the third hypothesis is to name a champion with ascension and relegation. Based on the rankings set at the 22nd game when the competition was suspended.” He concluded.

Football leader has not yet set up a date when the Extraordinary General Assembly will take place.

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