Africa 2021 FIFA ARAB CUP : Starting with invitations to the Competiton

A few weeks ago, FIFA announced a Pan-Arab Cup to take place in 2021. 22 countries from Africa and Asia in Qatar It will partake in this competition.

The first invitations left Zurich. Since last week, selected federations have been showing their invitation like Djibouti. “Great news has just come out for national football in general and for the Senior Men’s National Team A.” Reads the federation’s Facebook page.

Coupe Arabe de la FIFA 2021/QatarLe président de la FIFA invite personnellement les requins de DjiboutiUne…

Publiée par Fédération Djiboutienne de Football – Officiel sur Samedi 25 juillet 2020

Mauritania is also invited. It should be the case of the Comoros, Sudan, Morocco, or Egypt. The tournament will put together local players between November and December.

The tournament is to serve as a life-size test for Qatar, which will host the World Cup the following year. “The event will be held in high-end stadiums. Which will also host several encounters 12 months later at the FIFA World Cup. This will help to ensure footballing facilities and event production for players, technical coaching, media representatives and supporters attending the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup, and for those who will watch the games around the world.” Argues Infantino in his invitation letter.

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