Tanzania Simba SC trashed Vital’ O FC 6-0 in Simba Day 2020


Simba Sport Club have had an impressive celebration day as they won 5-0 to Vital O’FC on Saturday in friendly.

Tanzania Premier League champions shared a celebration party with their fans on Saturday afternoon. With the presence of Tanzanian leading singer Diamond Platnumz, the Reds granted their supporters a great display.

For his debut, Bernard Morisson scored at the 45th minute before John Bocco doubled it for the treble champions at half-time.

Clatous Chama and Chris Mugulu celebrating the third goal of Simba

In the second-half, Clatous Chama scored the third goal for Simba.

Ibrahim Ajibu at the 76th minute and Chris Mugalu two minutes later scored the fourth and fifth goal. Charles Illanfya scored the sixth in the extra time.

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