Africa Henri Anagana / Cameroon : Yafoot Forward Struggling to Survive

FECAFOOT has suspended football activities in Cameroon following the Coronavirus pandemic. Life has then been difficult for players who haven’t benefited from any financial support. Henri Anagana has been struggling to survive since then like his fellow teammates.

The vice-captain of Yafoot said it has been difficult for him to make ends meet during the long break. The Yafoot forward said he struggles alone to meet the daily needs of his family. He said after being left alone by his club officials he joined the informal sector where he carries out some petit businesses in order to carter for his responsibilities.

For Anagana, life is difficult because he has not received any assistance from his club. His teammates would have also been experiencing this unfortune situation. They have though been keeping hope for support.

He used the occasion to call on the administration of his club and other clubs to look into players’ current situation. As they are in need of help. Even though times are hard Henri Anagana is working hard to keep his form. And the Yafoot forward is waiting anxiously for the restart of activities.

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