Africa Clearing House Regulations : FIFA Engaging GFA On The New Policy

FIFA, (Federation of International Football Association) is bout to fully implement FIFA Clearing House Regulations in January 2021. Centralising all payments associated with football transfers including agents’ commissions is the main objective of this policy, according to the World football governing. But it will at first be reduced to the calculation and automatic distribution to the training clubs, the amounts due as solidarity contribution and training compensation.

All claims on solidarity contribution and training compensation would be paid to a central pool at FIFA for onward distribution to the beneficial clubs and member federations. The policy is being implemented to eliminate situations where clubs refuse to pay all claims to beneficiaries on time. It also aims eliminating the two years forfeiture caveat hanging around clubs who do not access claims on time.

To achieve maximum benefit, clubs and member federations are to register all players through the International Transfer System. And also use the Domestic Transfer System to obtain proper transfer records needed by the Clearing House to distribute claims.

All clubs and Member Federations should collaborate with FIFA to make the implementation successful once FIFA approved it.

General Secretary Prosper Harrison Addo and Francis Adu, Director of Information Technology (IT) at the Association attended the inaugural meeting. As Head of the IT Department of the GFA, Francis Adu will lead the implementation in Ghana. And the General Secretary lead the education and orientation of all clubs in Ghana in relation to the new regime.

The FIFA Clearing House aims at improving transparency, protecting player welfare, enhancing contractual stability and raising professional and ethical standards.

The GFA in the coming days will provide more information to its members and stakeholders about the new regime. The new procedure thus will enter into force from 01 January 2021.

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