Africa Ghana : “Dreams FC Is Like A Family” Said Ali Huzaif After First Training

The upcoming season in Ghana will kick off next month at match venues across the country. And Ali Huzaif, Dreams FC new signing is expected to play a key role for the Dawu based club.

After meeting at the club for the first training session, the striker is delighted to be part of his new team. Huzaif hailed teammates and for him, the club is like a family.

Dreams FC is just like a family. There is no discrimination here. And everyone is treated equally by the coaches. I was beautifully welcomed at my first training and I enjoyed it. Even though it was my first training the atmosphere was welcoming. Both the players and the technical team made me feel at home.” He told the club’s official website.

He is among the six new players that newly signed to strengthen the squad. The striker is committed for the 3 years.

Ali Huzaif scored 12 goals while playing in the Division II League before earning a switch to Boafokwa. Where he then after scored five goals before the 2019/20 Division One League season.

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