Foot Africa 2021 AFCON Playoffs : Claude Le Roy Disclosed His List Against Egypt

No change in the group Claude Le Roy unveiled on Friday to face Egypt in the 2021 AFCON playoffs. The young Atte and Doke the coach called last month in a friendly are still in the list.

Both from the WAFA Centre in Ghana, the defender and the attacker are in the squad. The rest is classic. Kodjo Laba, Mathieu Dossevi and Peniel Mlapa were absent during the training camp in Tunisia. Just like Floyd Ayité, Djene Dakonam and Ihlas Bebou.

Exit Mawouna Amevor, Hubert Donou and Etienne Amenyido. A well-known group.

Togo already badly started the playoffs with 1 points after two games. To keep the chances of qualification for Cameroon in January 2022, it will be necessary to make good results against Egypt. The away game on 14 November before to host the return in Lomé on 17th.

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