England Tottenham – Arsenal: this bet has been made 9 times out of 10 with Arsenal

Tottenham - Arsenal

The Premier League Matchday 11 match between Tottenham and Arsenal takes place this Sunday, December 6. We analyze betting trends for the next match.

The debriefing is carried out on the last ten matches of the teams in the Premier League.


In eight matches, the opponent has scored no more than one goal. The three-goal tally has not been broken seven times. In the first half, the opponent failed to distinguish himself in eight games. In all ten matches, Spurs were unbeaten before the break. And in the second half, they didn’t concede seven times.
Opponent ITM (1) – 1.81.

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TM (3) – 1.50.
Rival ITM (0.5) in 1st half – 1.56.
F (0) in the 1st half – 1.51.
F (0) in the 2nd half – 1.52.


In seven games, the Gunners have failed to score more than once, as have their opponents. The defense has only been breached once (3). In the first half, Arsenal were only one in ten. After the break, the total of 1.5 goals was only beaten in three games. And in seven games, the Londoners have never lost the second half.

ITM (1) – 1.81.
Opponent ITM (1.5) – 1.82.
TM (3) – 1.50.
Opponent’s F (0) in 1st half – 1.51.
TM (1.5) in the 2nd half – 1.70.
F (0) in 2nd half – 2.53.

Personal meetings

Seven matches ended in TM (3.5). Arsenal scored seven times before the break and haven’t lost that segment. In seven games, the second half remained for Tottenham. In the same number of games, the total of 1.5 goals has never been broken. Spurs have scored seven times since the break and Arsenal haven’t scored.

TM (3) – 1.50.

W (0) Arsenal in 1st half – 2.56.
ITB (0.5) Arsenal in 1st half – 2.43.
Victory for Tottenham in the 2nd half – 2.36.
TM (1.5) in the 2nd half – 1.70.
ITB (0.5) Tottenham in 2nd half – 1.62.
ITM (0.5) Arsenal in 2nd half – 1.76.

General trend of the match Tottenham – Arsenal

An intersection of a trend in two sections can be considered a trend. One of them must be “personal encounters”. At the same time, there is no reverse trend in the third section.

TM (3) – 1.50.
TM (1.5) in the 2nd half – 1.70.

There were only two downstream trends for this North London derby. And I really want fire!

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