Africa Soccer Melbet Wadau Premier League Launched In Nairobi For Non-Professionals

On Tuesday, Melbet Wadau Premier League launched in Nairobi, Kenya. It is a new dawn for non-professional footballers.

Eight teams will feature in the first edition of the competition scheduled for Saturday at Strathmore Sports Complex in Nairobi.

They include Hippos, Tigers, Ndovu, Simba, Kulundeng Original, Kulundeng, Mafisi and Swara.

Speaking at the event, Wadau Premier League coordinator, Bob Otieno said that the motive behind the formation of the league is to promote fun among football fans in the country.

As key stakeholders in football, we have been ignored for so long. And we are just trying to create our space. So it is a good day for fans today. Because apart from watching professional players play, they will also get an opportunity to play the game.” Said Otieno.

He added that there will be no cash prize for the winners. Adding that their future plan is to include teams from outside Nairobi.

Gaming firm, Melbet Kenya, are the main sponsors of the first edition of the league, which will take place after every two months.

They have pumped Sh300,000 into the first edition. Other sponsors include Evolve Logistics, Coca Cola, Multichoice and Kombora

As an online gaming platform, one of our core responsibilities is not only to promote professional sports. But work hand in hand with various stakeholders and different local communities to promote and develop all kinds of talents from grassroots level.

We believe working on series like Wadau Premier League is the first step of many more to come.” Said Melbet Kenya Communication Manager Nashilu Adede.

Sport is a big part of our industry now. It helps youth earn a living and harness their talents. Evolve Logistics is here to help develop sports in Kenya and ensure that athletes and other organisations compete smoothly while we handle transport of equipment and other things.” Said Evolve Logistics Chief Executive Officer Shem Okotah.

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