Euro 2020 Euro 2020 Semifinals – England Vs Danmark : Expert Game Prediction And Bet

England will take on Denmark in the Euro 2020 semifinals on Wednesday 7 July. A mouthwatering encounter that will decide which of the two sides will show in the final of the European champioship. For the event, a football expert has given predictions for this game.


Probably, no one doubts who are the favourite in this challenge. Especially since England did not concede a single goal, beating both the Germany and Ukraine. I wouldn’t say that everything will be so easy with those who invented football. It seems to me that the game will be difficult. The Danes will not give up so easily.

Most likely, Southgate will adapt to the opponents, as he did in the game against Germany. He touched the apparently unchanging tactic of four defenders, played the opponent in three center-backs. It turned out that it was good in the end. It seems to me that he will again choose a careful way. He will adapt to the Danes, remembering the active and dangerous wings of the opponent. I think Southgate will play back three center-backs, with two side backs. He will try to eliminate the threat from the Danes.

It is clear that the Danes are dangerous. Not only with counter-attacks, but also in normal situations. They scored 3 headed goals in quaterfinal. England scored two headed goals. This way, the two coaches will draw the appropriate conclusions. There will be a minimum of mistakes. On the edge of the repair area, both teams will proceed with caution.

England are the favourite. They are more likely to make it through. But I would not be surprised if the victory is minimal or not at all within the regular time. As for the rates, I was attracted by the one-shot option. In no cas of England’s matches, this Euro gave more than 20 shots. Here, a total of less than 22.5 is offered for a rate of 1.90. Until the coefficient has gone down significantly, it has to be used. I don’t think there’s going to be much success here. The game will probably be slow as such. The Danes will not be revealed either. They will rely on wings, on counter-attacks, on rules, if any. England will play as pragmatically as possible, which Southgate has already shown us.

As for the faults, they will also be few. For the same odds, the total is less than 21.5 faults. An interesting option is also a total of less than 2.5 yellow cards for 2.51 in 1xBet. The game won’t be harsh. There will be no crazy speeds, less mistakes. So the referee will have no reason to show cards.

As for the result, I would choose the option with the highest odds, but quite correct – England will not lose and the game total is below 3.5 goals to 1.5 in 1xBet. This is what I think of this game.

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