Football Mourinho, Guardiola…Ranking the 15 Highest spending coaches in History

Highest Spending coaches

In order to win trophies, some coaches spend a lot of money during transfers period. From Pep Guardiola to Jose Mourinho, here is the Top 15 of the Highest Spending coachs in football history.

Liverpool manager is the last on this list made by Transfermarkt. The Liverpool manager is known for picking players who are not worldly known and make them stars.

Klopp is not used to spending a lo of money in transfer windows alike Pep Guardiola who tops sits second in this rank behind Jose Mourinho.

Top managers the likes of Zinedine Zidane who won three consecutive UEFA Champions league titles with Real Madrid, is out of this list.

So is Luis Enrique who is the last coach to win the treble with Barcelona during the Messi-Suarez-Neymar time in 2015.

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The 15 Highest spending coaches in History

15. Jurgen Klopp – £655,17m

14. Sir Alex Ferguson – £710,95m

13. Roberto Mancini – £735,47m

12. Rafael Benitez – £749,52m

Sir Alex Ferguson.

11. Unai Emery – £762,48m

10. Claudio Ranieri – £777,17m

9. Ernesto Valverde – £782,85m

8. Antonio Conte – £869,49m 

7. Arsene Wenger – £875,93m

Antonio Conte.

6. Diego Simeone – £887,42m

5. Massimiliano Allegri – £969,73m

4. Manuel Pellegrini – £1,04bn

3. Carlo Ancelotti – £1,30bn 

Jose Mourinho.

2. Pep Guardiola – £1,44 bn

1. Jose Mourinho – £1,54 bn

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