Nigeria Women League NWFL: Four Nationwide Teams To Be Promoted To Championship

In contrast to the league’s previous two pronouncements, the Nigeria Women’s Football League has accepted the elevation of four NWFL Nationwide teams to the NWFL Championship.

When speaking to the four clubs who qualified for the Nationwide League’s last round, Sir Joe Amene, the General Co-coordinator of the NWFL Nationwide, revealed it.

The four teams are the Lakeside Queens of Lagos, Imo Strikers of Owerri, Prince Kazeem Eletu Queens of Lagos, and Delta Babes of Asaba.


According to Amene in his statement to the teams after the last two matches played at the School of Health Technology in Benin City, the Chairperson of the Nigeria Women Football League, Aisha Falode, with the support of other NWFL board members, approved the promotion of the four teams after watching all of the group matches in the A1, A2, B1 and B2 divisions.

Imo Strikers, Lakeside Queens of Lagos, Prince Kazeem Eletu Queens of Lagos, and Delta Babes, the final four teams, all performed admirably.

The high standard of play was the main reason the four teams were promoted.

,”None of the teams, coaches, nor league officials had the premonition that four teams would qualify for the NWFL Championship.

“But they were only lifted by their excellent standard of play and maturity displayed by all the 16 teams that participated in the league.

The decision to promote four NWFL Nationwide teams to the Championship was made as a group to increase the number of professional teams in the NWFL Championship.,” Amene added


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