African players abroad Samuel Eto’o Sentenced To 22-Month Prison For Tax Fraud

Cameroon FA President, Samuel Eto’o has been handed a 22-month prison sentence and seven-figure fine after admitting tax fraud worth over £3.25million in Spain.

On Monday, the former Chelsea and Cameroon striker, was sentenced after a trial for defrauding the Spanish authorites of his image rights income while a Barcelona player between 2006 and 2009.

A total of €3,872,621 was not properly declared by Eto’o, 41.

A Barcelona court handed down a 22-month sentence for Eto’o, which will be suspended because he does not hold a criminal record and the period is under two years. He will also pay a fine of €1,810,310.

His agent, Jose Maria Mesalles, was also found guilty and will pay a €905,155 fine. Mesalles was sentenced to one year in prison, which in practice will also be suspended.


Prosectuors had originally demanded both serve four years and six months.

I recognise the facts. And I am going to pay. But for the record, I was a child then. And I always did what I was told to do.” Said Eto’o as quoted by Marca outside of court.

Earnings that should have been declared for income tax were instead hidden in the accounts of two companies, situated in Spain and Hungary. The earnings diverted to Hungary paid no tax while that directed across Spain did so at a lower rate than the personal income tax rate.

A third defendant, Jesus Lastre, who administrated the Hungarian company used to divert earnings, was acquitted.

Eto’o is currently trying to reform the game in his own country and has launched a campaign against corruption.

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