Bayern de Munich Mane Announces Surprise Event In Senegal When He Will Start Playing With Bayern

Sadio Mane signed a three-year deal at the record Bundesliga champions following his move from Liverpool. And he is currently on holiday on Mallorca prior to linking up with his new teammates in a few days’ time.


The 30-year-old striker, the son of Bambali has captured the hearts and spirits of Senegalese with his charity works having built a hospital, a school a mosque, and a petrol station in his hometown. The former Liverpool star helped secure a high-speed internet connection and provide new laptops for other educational institutions, in addition to providing local families with economic help each month as well among many other gestures. Mane has long since become a hero in Senegal.

Mane increased notority when last January, he inspired the national team to the Africa Cup of Nations glory for the first time ever.

With regard to what he has done so far for his country including being all-time top scorer (33 goals) for the Teranga Lions and the current African Player of the Year, no surprise when Mane humbly told Bayern’s in-house media channel that, “when I play football, back home nobody goes to work. Everyone’s sitting in front of the television.”

Mane continued and told he believed in his dream to become the hero he is today despite his parents rather urged his to go to school.

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My family never used to be happy with me. Because football was more important to me than school.” He said.

My hometown is very small. It’s impossible to become a professional footballer there. But I somehow had the feeling I could make it. I followed my dream. And my family realised it was pointless to try and stop me playing.”

It was a decision they would not regret. “When I made it as a professional, things completely changed in a positive way. When I play it’s almost a holiday back home. That’ll be especially true here in Munich. When I play for Bayern, nobody in the whole of Senegal will go to work.” Mane added.

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