Tennis Wimbledon Open: Djokovic Cruise Past Compatriot, Kecmanovic

Djokovic Wimbledon Open 2022

At Wimbledon 2022, perhaps the two of them had a locker room conversation before Novak Djokovic met his opponent in the third round, chewing over the startling quantities they have in common.

For starters, both Miomir Kecmanovic and the top seed are Serbian and were born in Belgrade.
They have each spent 373 weeks at No. 1 and have a combined 20 Grand Slam victories, including six Wimbledon titles.

Furthermore, they have a combined following of almost 11 million Instagram followers and over 9 million Twitter users.

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It’s rather eerie how much common ground there is.

That’s not all, though.

Despite these striking similarities, Djokovic overcame his Davis Cup teammate 6-0, 6-3, 6-4 on Day 5 of Wimbledon 2022.

It is the 14th time he has made it to the second week in this location, yet if his statistics are added to Kecmanovic’s, they have also made it to the second week 14 times.
Unfortunately for 22-year-old Kecmanovic, who has had an excellent year, he came somewhat close to it in this game.

He was ranked No. 78 in January, but he has risen to No. 30 now, largely because to his incredibly consistent performance in the first three Grand Slams.

In Australia, he advanced to the fourth round; in Roland-Garros, the third round; and, to top it all off, he made it to Wimbledon’s third round for the first time.

For Kecmanovic, Melbourne was very significant.

The former world junior No. 1 was slated to face Djokovic in the first round, but that match was cancelled due to the latter’s stance on the COVID-19 immunization.
Since he was a young boy, Kecmanovic has admired the nine-time Australian champion and has made it his goal to perform at the top of his game for his countryman.

For the first time in nearly ten months, he delivered on his promise of consecutive main draw victories.

Their planned rendezvous had to be postponed until today on Centre Court, according to the will of the gods.

Kecmanovic entered the contest having dropped his previous five contests against top-five opponents. In each of the previous two years, he had faced Djokovic twice in their respective hometowns.

You might be surprised to learn that the result was defeat, however this year he did relieve Djokovic of a set, albeit at a time when the great man was rediscovering his form following his hiatus from the Tour due to a vaccine-related condition.

The extent to which Kecmanovic could put aside his starry-eyed worship and his wonder at finding himself on the biggest stage in tennis would be crucial to how well he performed in this third-round match.


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