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In the Champions League, the second round of the group stage came to an end. It turned out to be very eventful, even though there were no actual top signings. This sporting event is attracting more and more fans. No wonder soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world.

We’ll squeeze out the main points. But, first, recall that for football and cricket fans, the website is preparing exciting reports and interviews with famous players, so do not miss it.

Juventus lost to Benfica, although they scored as early as the fourth minute.

Everything started perfectly for the Italians. As early as the 4th minute, Paredes delivered an excellent cross from the standard, and Milik headed it under the far bar. It seemed that Juve was in complete control.

But with every minute, Juventus saw their lead erode. Finally, in the 39th, Rafa Silva hit the bar, and the Turin side pressed towards goal.

The Portuguese seized on the opportunity. In the 42nd minute, Miretti dropped Ramos inside the penalty area, and Joao Mario converted the spot-kick. The ex-Inter player celebrated in front of the Juventus fans, while Bonucci explained that teasing the Tifosi was not worth it. However, the conflict didn’t die down for several minutes.

After the break, Torino tried to score again, but this time they were brought down – on 55, Ramos broke through the middle of the Juventus penalty area and dropped the ball to Rafa Silva for a goal. 

Juventus lost again and are now next to Maccabi with zero points – the Israelis are the ones to play in the following rounds.

“PSG” knocked out a win in Israel; Messi has a new record.

Parisians came to Maccabi with their starting lineup but were going to save their strength. In vain – in the 24th minute, Surinamese Thiaronn Chery caught a gorgeous cross from the flank and beat Vitinho, who was 40 million. The home team unexpectedly took the lead.

The sensation dragged on for 13 minutes. Then, finally, PSG came to their senses – Leo Messi equalized in the 37th minute. The Argentine broke another record: he is the first player to score in 18 consecutive seasons in the Champions League and has scored for 39 different clubs. Cristiano has 38 and is playing in the LE this season.

Paris put pressure on Maccabi in the second half, and in the 69th minute, Mbappe calmly doubled the visitors’ advantage. Towards the end of the game, Neymar killed off the intrigue and threw in a third, receiving a yellow for too provocative a celebration – he showed the stands his tongue. 

PSG now has six points and Benfica (also six) on the line.

Real Madrid beat Leipzig by experience.

“Madrid” continues winning – Ancelotti’s team has won all eight season matches. Although at first, it was a bit difficult with Leipzig.

Madrid frequently miscued passes, and Leipzig was catching on to the counterattack. Finally, in the 34th minute, the Germans could have opened the scoring, but Nkunku was just short of closing down Werner’s superb pass. 

Madrid crushed Leipzig in their second half but scored only in the 80th minute. Valverde, standing all alone on the right flank, caught Vinicius’s pass after a superb pass from Rodrigo and shot into the far corner.

The Uruguayan couldn’t help but score. “I told Valverde that if he doesn’t score at least ten goals in a season, I’ll tear up my coaching license and leave,” Ancelotti joked after the match. Federico already has three goals in 7 games, so there are plenty of chances to keep Carlo in the game.

After the goal, Ancelotti made a series of substitutions, which worked: already in added time, Asensio had a great touch after a pass from Toni Kroos, who also started on the bench. 

The Germans have 0 points after two rounds, with two matches against Celtic next. “Real” played with the beloved “Shakhtar” – in the last Champions League, the Madrid team won with a total score of 7-1. The Ukrainians have 4 points after a draw with Celtic (1 point). 

Napoli demolished Rangers, and Sevilla failed to beat Copenhagen.

Shortly about the rest of the matches.

  • Milan handled a resilient Zagreb 3-1. The Italians won and raced to the playoffs, while the central moment of the game was for the Croats. Bruno Petkovic and Mislav Orsic did their best: check out Petkovic’s excellent pass!
  • Manchester City got a solid and emotional 2-1 win over Borussia. The saving goals were scored in the final minutes. The Germans successfully kept the hosts in check until the 80th minute but then got tired. Stones loaded the cannon, and Holland also scored a super goal (it should be seen) – corrected the situation in 4 minutes and brought 3 points. 
  • Copenhagen and Sevilla rolled a dismal 0-0. The Danes were closer to a goal, and the Spaniards came up with nothing useful. Sevilla (1 point) plays the next two games against Dortmund (3) – and Julen Lopetegui’s dismissal is getting closer by the day.
  • Napoli thrashed Rangers in Scotland 3-0. Before the match with Ajax (3 points), the Italians are leaders in the group – they have 6 points. And then there’s a waking up Liverpool (3).
  • Chelsea’s Graham Potter has already played better, but Red Bull Salzburg managed to snatch a draw thanks to Noah Okafor’s goal. Milan is already interested in him – the Italian guy also scored, so the interest is justified.

Chelsea played better, but the Red Bulls clinched a draw.

In the first half, the Londoners were a bit unlucky: there was a dangerous shot by Aubameyang early on and an attempt by Mount which went just over the bar. The hosts scored only in the 48th minute: Mount sent a free-kick into the penalty area, and Sterling struck an exquisite right-footed shot.

It was going to be a close game for Chelsea, but midfielder Noah Okafor helped Salzburg win in 75 minutes. Statistically, Chelsea were better: possession – 72% vs. 28%, shots on goal – 17 vs. 4, xG – 1.59 vs. 0.26. So Potter made his Chelsea debut and his Champions League debut – Graham wanted it as soon as possible.

Far beyond his comfort zone, Graham made a breakthrough in 2011 when he coached Sweden’s Ostersund in League Four, the same club where coaches didn’t stick around. And he stayed until 2018 when he led the team to the top. For that, Graham’s family (the couple had just had a baby then) gave up everything in England.

Because of the postponement of APL matches, Potter’s debut at Chelsea moved to the Champions League – he had not previously been associated with the tournament in any way. Neither as a player nor as a coach.

Before the game, he was asked if he had ever been to a Champions League match, at least as a spectator: “Offhand, I don’t think so. Well, it’s a good time to start. Wherever we start, it’ll be great. So why not here and now?”

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