Europe Iker Casillas sends apology to LGBT community after polemic “gay” tweet

Casillas gay

Real Madrid icon Iker Casillas has sent an apology to LGBT community following his explosive “gay” twee which people took as a coming out.

The 41-year old explained that his Twitter account has been hacked and he is not responsible for what was posted on it before.

“Hacked account. Fortunately everything is ok. My apologies to all my followers. And of course, more apologies to the LGBT community”, Casillas wrote.

“I hope you respect me: I’m gay”, the 2010 World Champion wrote with Puyol responding answering in he commentaries “Time has come for us to tell our story” accompanied with kiss and love emojis.

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Casillas says he's not responsible for the "gay" tweet.
Casillas says he’s not responsible for the “gay” tweet.

While fans were talking about a possible relationship between them, both legends were legends suddenly deleted their messages.

According to Spanish outlet AS, Casillas was making an irony concerning what the media said these last days about his relationship with actress Alejandra Onieva.

“They talk every day, they have dates… But they still haven’t put any labels on it. It looks like they are getting to know each other”, Mediaset said of their supposed relationship.

Iker Casillas is said to be upset with all those reports and that was the reason he posted that tweet, but we know now that he is not responsible for that tweet.

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