All sports Famous Athletes Among Gamblers : How Sports Stars Have Fun

Many people who have money to spare and want to have fun reach for gambling. This particular activity is also associated with adrenaline and the overall feeling of thrill and excitement. Therefore, we can also see a clear passion for gambling among athletes. They have huge winnings to spend and want to relax between complicated seasons and games. Besides, some of them also crave an adrenaline rush while not playing. Even though it is not the best way to find adrenaline in life, gambling still works as an exciting opportunity to earn some money while having a lot of fun. Today we will look at some of your favorite athletes whose hobbies include gambling, poker, slot machines, table games, and other exciting activities.

Why Athletes Gamble

There are many reasons why athletes gamble. One of the first search reasons is always profit. They can access their favorite no deposit casino anytime and everywhere without any commitments. This combines two aspects everyone loves about online casino no deposit: you are getting money and accessibility. You have to understand that the lives of sportsmen are very different. They have insanely intense seasons but also quite a lot of time for themselves once the season is over. That time they can enjoy some famous athletes’ hobbies, including gambling. The other reason why they like online casinos is also anonymity. Since most such sportsmen are incredibly famous, they require a lot of personal space. So choosing between land-based casinos and online websites is a true challenge. You will see your famous sportsman playing in real life only at major parties or for PR purposes. In real life, however, they usually use online casinos for enjoyment. Here is a small list of some of your favorite sportsmen who also gamble:

  • Floyd Mayweather
  • Michael Jordan
  • Charles Barkley
  • Tiger Woods
  • Michel Jordan
  • Pete Rose
  • Paul Hornung

Pete Rose

The first person on our list is arguably one of the most famous people who connect sportsmen and gambling. However, the history of Pete Rose is a cautionary tale that is more appropriate for the beginning of this article. Since Pete Rose never learned how to control his obsession with gambling, he received a lifetime ban from baseball and was completely stopped from having a successful career. To be clear, he is one of the rare people who gained a gambling addiction. Only 1% of the population, even smaller, is addicted to gambling. Nevertheless, he was involved in a major gambling scandal and compromised his own reputation. After all, you should know that betting on your very own sport if you play is the biggest mistake.

Tiger Woods

Let’s get to more positive stories about casinos and famous athletes. Tiger Woods is a frequent visitor of many online and real-life casinos. He loves everything from table games to slots. He’s also known to spend thousands of dollars and have a lot of fun. Some even say that for Tiger Woods to bed at least $20,000 is practically nothing. It is hardly surprising because his earnings reach millions of dollars. He also became the first athlete to be included in the list of billionaires. It is safe to say that gambling also helps him to gain even more real money and payouts.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is also a big fan of many gambling platforms. Among all the basketball players, he is perhaps one of the most successful gamblers. Like many other celebrities, Michael Jordan prefers poker over online or mobile platforms. He’s often seen playing with his friends or even taking part in different tournaments. Some people even wondered when the athlete had time to play between matches. But he seems to balance his career, and he’ll be perfectly well.

Floyd Mayweather

It is impossible to write such an article without mentioning Floyd Mayweather. He’s known for his shiny interior and love to showcase his money. Like Michael Jordan, he prefers poker and remains a regular for different slot machines. Even though he was never obsessed with chasing jackpots and Gamblizard’s casino bonus, he must be doing something right with his choice. Bonuses still give profit since he has millions in his bank account, and his net worth is steadily growing. You may also see him spending thousands for one night.

Charles Barkley

This athlete is the last person on our list. Charles Barkley is among high rollers who balance between normal gambling and addiction. He definitely has ups and downs, but in his interviews, the athlete never says he has an actual problem. For him, losing some money is a formality. Perhaps it is a good way to view sports betting and casinos. Not everything can go according to plan, but you should always accept the consequences and never place more money than you have.

Final Thoughts

In short, some of your favorite athletes gamble practically every day. Most of them prefer poker since it is one of the most profitable and exciting games out there. They also don’t hesitate to spend millions or, at least, thousands of dollars per night. Nevertheless, with money, problems and some sportsmen become addicted to gambling. What we would advise you is to gamble responsibly and review some of them as cautionary tales.

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