FIFA World Cup World Cup 2022 quarterfinals schedule set after Portugal send Switzerland home

World Cup 2022 quarterfinals

The World Cup 2022 quarterfinals schedule is complete with Portugal taking on Morocco after their large win 6-1 over Switzerland tonight.

The Seleçao has shown no pity for the Nati despite Cristiano Ronaldo seating on the bench at the kick-off.

Gonçalo Ramos who replaced him in the starting line-up proved Fernando Santos right by netting a hat-trick.

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Earlier, Morocco held Spain to a goalless draw until the end of extra-time before sealing their qualification to the next round on penalties (3-0).

FC Sevilla goalkeeper Yassine Bono made two saves in the shootouts session to help his country.

There will be a two-day break before the start of the next round.

World Cup 2022 quarterfinals schedule

Friday, 9 December

Croatia vs Brazil : 15:00 GMT

Netherlands vs Argentina : 19:00 GMT

Saturday, 10 December

Morocco vs Portugal : 15:00 GMT

England vs France : 19:00 GMT

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