CHAN CHAN 2022: Bougherra Confident Of Victory Against Côte d’Ivoire

The head coach of Algeria, Madjid Bougherra, has voiced tremendous confidence in his team’s capacity to defeat Côte d’Ivoire when the two teams square off in the opening quarterfinal of the ongoing TotalEnergies African Nations Championship CHAN 2022.

The Desert Foxes, who finished first in Group A with a perfect score, will play the Elehpants on Friday in an attempt to secure a spot in the semifinals.

In his remarks at the pre-game press conference on Thursday at the Nelson Mandela Stadium in Algiers, Bougherra paid homage to a few notable football figures who passed away a few days after the competition.

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“First of all, I condole with the family of the player of the Algerian club Amizour who died in the stadium as well as the family of the vice-president of the Mauritanian Football Federation who also passed away,” Bougherra said.

“Regarding the Côte d’Ivoire match, it will be a beautiful confrontation and it will be a final match.

“This is a decisive match for us to progress in the tournament and it will be difficult for the two teams who have a high level.

” I think that the team that wins the match will become a candidate to eventually win the final.

The Algerian tactician provided an injury update from his camp and said: “Defender Ayoub Abdellaoui who was injured is now back in the squad, but Chouaib Debbih will continue to rest as we monitor the situation.”

In addition, Bougherra acknowledged the throngs of supporters who have traveled from all over the world to the stadium, acknowledging that their encouragement had been crucial in keeping them inspired before, during, and after the games.

“I thank the fans who fill the stadiums hours before the match, which only happens in Algeria especially since all tickets are sold out within five hours only. We thank them for the enthusiasm they give to our players especially since we will play on Friday. The fans must motivate the players in a way that is always positive because we represent one nation, and openly work in the field to be at the level,” Bougherra explained with deep emotion.

Since Algeria is accustomed to playing in cold weather during this time of year, Bougherra said in response to the topic of whether the weather will affect the game for his squad more than it will for Côte d’Ivoire: “We belong to Africa, too.

“It is true that North Africans are used to this somewhat cold climate, but in the quarter-finals of the CHAN, all the players want to show their skills for the European clubs and their first team, so the weather does not affect it.

“The Ivorians are determined to win the decisive matches.”

Bougherra, who captained Algeria at the 2014 World Cup, explained how his team is managing the pressure on his players before the match:

“We are playing in our country and in front of our people.

“As I said to the players they should play without pressure, and the people should be happy.

“These are difficult matches and they must do better than what they offered previously.

“Pressure is an integral part of the players’ daily lives and as a coach I’m used to it. Our players have to be positive.

“I felt that our players are more and more focused, comfortable and reassured.

“I hope that they will deal with the pressure positively to serve their interests. For players in Algeria, when they wet the shirt, it means that there is no pressure.”

The Algerian coach confirmed that his players are ready for the decisive match-up and that they are preparing themselves for the penalty shootout as well.

“During the quarter-final round, we are working to prepare our players for the penalty shootout but despite that, they will deliver 2000% of their efforts.

“We will fight a battle on the field within 90 minutes to ensure qualification and we want to avoid going to extra time or penalty kicks.

“Côte d’Ivoire players have tactical discipline and good organization.

“We respect them and we need this match which will be a reference confrontation for us.

“It is a match like the final and we have no fears.

“The players are motivated to go far in the tournament and are ready to deliver.

“I told them if you are good, we will not fear anyone.”

The moment of truth has come, Algerian right back Abderrahamane Meziane told the media.

In order to satisfy the Algerian people, we must oppose Côte d’Ivoire on an equal footing.

There is neither a little squad nor a big team here in the quarterfinals.

Everyone who makes a mistake will pay a price for it, and with God’s help, we will reach the necessary level.

 “We qualified for the quarter-finals, and it is a match like the final.

“We always play our matches as a final and we know what awaits us.

“Within the group, we talk between us as players and with coaches on the matches, and we always take the pressure positively, and we hope to be at a good level.”

On Friday at 1600GMT, Algeria will play Côte d’Ivoire at the Nelson Mandela Stadium.


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