athletics World Athletics Bans Transgender Women From Competing

World Athletics has prohibited transgender women from competing in the female category at international tournaments.

Lord Coe, the head of the governing body, stated that no transgender athlete who had gone through male puberty would be eligible to compete in female world ranking competitions beginning March 31.

A working committee will be formed to do additional investigation into the Amusan Tops Lists of Women’s World Athletics Award Finaliststransgender eligibility guidelines.

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We’re not saying no forever,” he said.

Previously, World Athletics required transgender women to drop their blood testosterone levels to a maximum of 5nmol/L and maintain this level for a period of 12 months before competing in the female category.

Lord Coe added the decision was “guided by the overarching principle which is to protect the female category”.

He noted that there are currently no transgender athletes competing internationally in the sport.

Decisions are always difficult when they involve conflicting needs and rights between different groups, but we continue to take the view that we must maintain fairness for female athletes above all other considerations,” said Lord Coe.

“We will be guided in this by the science around physical performance and male advantage which will inevitably develop over the coming years.

“As more evidence becomes available, we will review our position, but we believe the integrity of the female category in athletics is paramount.”

The Council agreed to set up a working group for 12 months to “further consider the issue of transgender inclusion”.

The group will be led by an independent chair, and it will consist of up to three council members, two athletes from the Athletes’ Commission, a transgender athlete, three representatives from World Athletics’ member federations, and representatives from World Athletics’ health and science department.

It will consult with transgender athletes particularly, as well as study and commission studies and make recommendations to the Council.


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