Tanzania Yanga SC fined as Khalid Aucho handed three-match suspension

The Tanzania Premier League Board (TPLB) League Supervision and Management Committee has slapped fines, bans, and suspensions on clubs, players, supporters, and officials for breaching various soccer regulations.

Defending champions Young Africans (Yanga SC) have been fined 5m/- for entering the stadium using an unofficial entrance before their game against Simba. Yanga’s goalie Djigui Diarra is slapped with a 500,000/- for celebrating one of the goals scored by his side on the day in front of Simba officials.

And Yanga’s Assistant coach Moussa Ndao is fined 500,000/- for allegedly insulting Simba technical bench officials. Simba have been fined 1m/- for the delay of their players coming out of the changing room leading to the kick-off delay of the traditional derby match. Also, Simba’s striker Kibu Denis has been slapped with a 500,000/- fine for celebrating the goal he scored in front of Yanga fans while showing them the sign to shut up.

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In another match between Coastal Union against Yanga, Yanga’s midfielder Khalid Aucho has been given a three-match suspension plus a 500,000/- fine for elbowing Coastal Union player Ibrahim Ajibu. Similarly, four supporters named Hassan Khatibu, Hamza Dafa, Patrick Shelukindo, and Shaban Anga have been given a six-month ban from attending any football matches run by the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF). The committee alleged that the quadruple through social media videos assaulted a fan who put on Yanga jersey.

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