Kenya FKF right to use 2020 Code but should not lock out aspirants – Alila

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) presidential aspirant Tom Alila has supported NEC decision to use the Electoral Code 2020 for the upcoming elections.

However, Alila, who served as the NEC member during the Sam Nyamweya regime, warned the federation not to use the same to lock out other aspirants from contesting.

“The notice for the NEC meeting was long overdue and the move to use the 2020 FKF Electoral Code is welcome, but my plea is to FKF not to use the Code to lock out aspirants,” Alila told Africa Top Sports.

“They (FKF) must ensure that all eligible candidates are allowed to vie for the various seats. We don’t want a selective exercise but an all inclusive exercise.”

Alila continued: “The meeting should have also discussed the inclusion of County associations for the elections. The County associations are legal entity and deserves to be involved in the polls.”

On Saturday, an FKF National Executive Committee (NEC) approved the use of the 2020 Code for the exercise but some stakeholders feel it will lock out many aspirants from contesting.

Alila’s come after another presidential aspirant Omondi Aduda stated FKF have followed the law by using the FKF Electoral Code (2020) for the elections set for later this year.

“There is no malice in using the FKF Electoral Code (2020) for the 2024 elections, aspiring candidates should not feel aggrieved that they are either being betrayed or being locked out of contesting, FKF are following the law as per the FIFA rules,” Aduda told Africa Top Sports.

“Attending politically sponsored tournaments does not clear anyone to vie for any FKF seat, the FKF laws are very clear, and the FKF Code has all the laws that must be followed. Have you ever seen a none-member from FIFA contesting for any seat when they have elections? For example, Sepp Better was FIFA secretary before he got elected to be the President, Gianni Infantino was the boss at UEFA before he contested for FIFA presidency and won.”

He continued: “If you are a shareholder at KCB and Equity are having their AGM, why should you attend an Equity meeting, for what purpose and you are not among their shareholders? That is the same case with football; you must be a shareholder to attend their AGM. I want to repeat that FKF are following the law, and that is the case and it should not be seen that they are blocking others.”

Dennis Mabuka

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