Top News FIFA Make U- Turn To Sanction Brazil After Ednaldo Return

Following the restoration of Brazil’s FA (CBF) president Ednaldo Rodrigues, who was ousted by a Rio court last month, the world football governing body has decided against imposing sanctions on the nation, FIFA’s head of legal affairs Emilio Garcia announced on Monday.

Following a disagreement over the CBF’s election procedure, the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice dismissed Ednaldo from office on December 7 and named an interim president to call for fresh elections.

Gilmar Mendes, a minister in the Federal Supreme Court, ordered Rodrigues to return to work last week, arguing that Rodrigues’ removal from office could result in Brazil’s exclusion from FIFA international football events and harm Brazilian football.

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We are relieved by the Supreme Court’s decision, which restores the presidency of Ednaldo on the basis of a free and democratic decision by Brazilian football,” said Garcia.

“We’re happy that we’re back to the original situation in which Brazilian football elected its president.

“Brazilian football was at very high risk of being expelled from international competitions.

That was ruled out for the moment after the Supreme Court decision and is no longer on the table,” he added.

FIFA and CONMEBOL, the governing body of football in South America, were commended by CBF president Rodrigues for their assistance.

“This is the moment that restores normality to Brazilian football and we have many commitments for our calendar.

From now on we want to concentrate on the development of Brazilian football,” he said.

“I was elected in a clear and transparent way. Brazilian football wins when its autonomy is restored.

“We can now be sure that Brazil’s clubs and national teams will take part in international competitions.”

Brazil lost their last three games against Uruguay, Colombia, and Argentina, and now they are ranked sixth in the South American World Cup qualification rankings.

The day after Rodrigues took over as manager of Brazil, Fernando Diniz announced his resignation. By Wednesday, Dorival Junior, a former coach of Sao Paolo, is anticipated to be introduced as the new manager of Brazil.

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