Football Ligue 1: Karim Benzema soon back in Lyon?

Ligue 1 Karim Benzema soon back in Lyon

Karim Benzema does not seem completely satisfied in Saudi Arabia where he joined the Al-Ittihad club this summer.

Relations between the striker and his coach Marcelo Gallardo are reportedly not in good shape, while on top of that, the former French international is stuck in Mauritius, where he is spending a family vacation, due to the cyclone Belal present in the Indian Ocean. As a result, he missed training. And then there is this rumor sending the former Madrilenian to OL, his training club. Even Pierre Sage reacted.

A subject as old as time, especially since this noise was born on social networks without there being anything really concrete.

However, Benzema’s lawyer, Me Hugues Vigier, opened the door last night. “When you are at this level and your results are a little less good at a given moment, people immediately say that it is the end of your career. I must say that I would be quite happy to see him come back to play in Lyon, I would like it but he has not announced it to me for the moment (smile)” he declared on the set of BFMTV.

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