AFCON AFCON 2023: Chancel Mbemba’s touching message after elimination

AFCON 2023: Chancel Mbemba’s touching message after elimination

Wednesday evening, the DRC’s great adventure ended in the semi-final of the AFCON 2023 after being eliminated by the organizing country, Ivory Coast (1-0) in a match that they did not will not have been able to manage.

No matter, after the match, captain Chancel Mbemba, monstrous in this competition, wanted to send a touching message to thank his family and above all to congratulate Ivory Coast for the victory.

“No, this evening there is no disappointment. It’s football and that’s how it is. There are days when you lose and days when you win. It’s like that. We knew this match would be difficult but we come out with our heads held high. We pushed. The most important thing is that we will be proud when we have a medal. This is where we will say that the work is done. But the Congolese people are happy because no one cheated. The best team won. Bravo to Ivory Coast. And good luck to them for the future,” he said on Canal+.

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