CAF CONFEDERATION CUP CAFCC: USM Alger Vs Berkane Clash Postponed Over Political Fracas

Due to a political disagreement about the visiting team’s uniform, the first leg of the African Confederation Cup semi-final between USM Alger of Algeria and Renaissance Berkane of Morocco was postponed on Sunday, casting doubt on the result of the match.

The Berkane shirt has a large map of Morocco on it, which includes the Western Sahara, which is disputed and has been a source of conflict between Rabat and Algiers.

Since the 1990s, the border between these two north African countries has been closed.

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The team was held at the airport for several hours before being let to go to their hotel after customs confiscated their equipment when the Moroccan team arrived in Algeria on Friday, according to media reports.

The map that is placed in the middle of the jersey is viewed as provocative by Algerians, and local media pundits have stated that it is against the law to print political statements on sportswear.

However, Berkane wore the same shirt for the entirety of this year’s competition, and the Confederation of African Football granted them permission to wear it in the opening leg on Sunday in Algiers following a hurried inter-clubs committee meeting.

For Sunday’s match, both teams showed up at the stadium in Algiers.

However, Berkane stayed in their changing room, maybe in protest at not being allowed to wear their uniform, while holders USMA emerged for the kickoff.

The Confederation of African Football did not immediately make it obvious what action it will take, and the body that oversees African football remained silent.

Since Spain left the Western Sahara in 1975, Morocco has annexed the land, causing tensions to worsen relations.

The Western Sahara has abundant fishing grounds, phosphate riches, and a sparse population.

When Spain was still the region’s colonial power, Morocco claimed it.

Concurrently, the Polisario Front was established by the local Sahrawi population to advocate for their independence.

Up until the United Nations mediated a truce in 1991, the Polisario, supported by Algeria, fought a guerrilla war, with Morocco holding around four-fifths of the region.

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  1. Reply Post By Zebi

    Look at FIFA’s rules : it clearly states, no jersey can contain maps or political messages or religous messages! It is not the algerian media that says it it is an article in the law of the FIFA, Why does the author ignore this by imputating this to Algerians???

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