UEFA UEFA Approves Raise Of Squad To 26 Ahead Of Euro 2024

The governing body of European football said on Friday that UEFA had decided to raise squad sizes from 23 to 26 players for the Euro 2024 tournament in Germany.

International managers expressed their concerns when UEFA indicated that the 23-player cap from before COVID-19 would return, following a hike to 26 for Euro 2020 and the 2022 World Cup.

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The UEFA Executive Committee has today decided to increase the maximum squad size of the teams participating in the upcoming UEFA EURO 2024 from the original quota of 23 to 26 players,” a UEFA statement said.

“The increase does not represent an obligation for the participating national associations.”

The deadline for participating nations to submit a squad list to UEFA with a minimum of 23 players and a maximum of 26 players is June 7.

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